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Where bakers become creativepreneur masterminds.

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What is Mind Cake Vault™?

Mind Cake Vault™ brings you positive, creative, uplifting and powerful CONVERSATIONS and RESOURCES for treat makers and bakers alike.

Tiffany of Creatiff Cakepops created the Mind Cake Vault™ to bring you together with equally passionate creative entrepreneurs who are ready for something new.

Because your business isn't JUST about cake. We're here to help you get your footing, and walk with greatness.

Here, we help you to build the foundation and your confidence for a successful and thriving treat business that works for you.

Mind Cake Vault™ is a home for bakers and treat makers like you  who want to level up their business knowledge.

Our big purpose is to share the love of developing a mindset of values, combined with strategies and techniques to:

Strengthen your branding and brand awareness
Connect with your audience & Increase exposure
Hack your way to more creative skills
Gain more freedom and confidence in your creative business
Conquer technology
Perfect your pricing
Grow & Leverage your business
Build client relationships
Better manage your time
Network & collaborate

Straight to the point, and with a support system that wants you to succeed.
Mind Cake is here  to help make your journey a lot more fun, and a little less stressful.

Mind Cake Vault is its own entity away from overcrowded Facebook Groups, and provides a learn-at-your-own pace library of classes and resources for you to use over and over again.

With it comes opportunities to connect and converse with like-minded goal-getters.

At Mind Cake Vault™ we believe that:

You CAN level up your business and brand without giving up your authentic self.

You CAN increase your sales every month, create another stream of revenue, or eventually quit a job that you hate.

You CAN gain the confidence to show up and allow your clients to fall in love with you, because you're not hiding behind pictures and words.

You CAN make your customer service experience easier for you and your customer.

You CAN get better your photography, branding, packaging and quality of work.

You CAN create a work/life balance.

You CAN find clarity in an overcrowded world of information.

Mind Cake Vault is here to get you there.


You're tired of struggling without clarity.

You feel like you don't know how to use your social media to level up your business.

You feel like you don't know how to connect with and engage your audience.

You want to build your client base or get repeat customers.

You need ideas to create fresh new designs and products.

You want to turn your hobby into a business.

You want to become a confectionery teacher, or create an alternate stream of income.

You want to better manage your time.

You want to feel more confident when sending quotes for your work, and to properly account for your supplies and labor.

You have so many ideas, but feel like you need a little push, and a safe place to voice yourself.

Mind Cake™ is for you if...

You are starting or already have a creative treat business. Specifically, you specialize in treats such as cake pops, oreos, custom rice krispies, cookies, toppers, or anything custom and visual.

You are ambitious, positive, and love to learn.

You have an interest in learning social media.

You are tired of searching the internet for troubleshooting tips when it comes to your confectionery art.

You are ready to create a life you love, enjoy more flexibility with your schedule, and grow something that makes you feel powerful.

You are hands on and want to be held accountable.

You feel like you deserve to be paid more.

You want more confidence when communicating with customers about your business policies, orders, and more.

You are trying to figure out your client base, master your pricing, and stand out in your market with unique advantage, personality, and products.

You want access to all things tested and true---tools, scripts, experienced insight, and tutorials that will help you to take action without the overwhelm and confusion.

You invest in tutorials often but want the luxury and ease of coming to just one place to consume what you enjoy, instead of having to decide on the next best option.

You are a hobby baker wanting to supplement your income or transition into a full-time business.

You just need a little push of transparency and honesty from a supportive community.

This is not for you if:

You do not have the time or desire to invest in growing your greatness.

You do not have an open mind.

You are expecting get-rich-quick shortcuts.

You do not want to be asked hard questions that will help you to tap into what is already in you.

You do not want to be coached.

Tap into your gifts.

Hi! I'm Tiffany ...the Queen Goofball, technology-nerd, and cake pop conjuring boss babe behind Creatiff Cakepops. I am a dreamer, a hustling artist, a business mentor, an idea dealer, and also the creator of the Mind Cake Vault™.

I started from nothing but some college, a retail background, suffocating depression, and so many failed attempts at fitting into the conventional route.

 I took the leap to leave a stable job of 6 years to find my greatest self. With ZERO knowledge on business or baking, that jump brought me to a BOOMING self-taught full-time business and huge social media presence in less than 3 years time!

 By having made lots of mistakes on my journey, I am equipped to give back by saving you time, money, and confusion. 
With an overflowing passion, I have poured into hundreds of bakers and artists to help them find their THING, while overcoming those setbacks and insecurities that are all in our minds. I am committed to providing the training and guidance that I wish I had when I started the journey on my own, that has contributed to a successful business going on 4 years and branched into other streams of income. I am committed to sharing my growth with you, because we WIN as a community.

I'm all about getting you results, so I'm taking learning opportunities to the next level for you, starting NOW. 
Let's work hard and play hard, together!

The Value of Mind Cake™:

  • Improve your ability to create custom work with real art techniques, curated tutorials, strategic processes, and personal attention from a team of talented treat makers
  • Improve your production speed with chaos-reducing frameworks
  • Improve your social media content/skills with fresh insights
  • Learn how to use apps to make business easier
  • *Access to supplies info & recommended products
  • Streamline your ordering/client organization process
  • Better organize your business
  • Improve your customer service
  • Develop your business mindset, confidence, & self-sufficiency
  •  Perfect your pricing --- for profit!
  • Overcome technology challenges
  • Attract & keep work that you enjoy doing
  • Nurture a positive reputation
  • Private community & relationship building
  • Learn at your own pace!
  • Adapt to your style of learning with a combination of videos, audio, templates, and reading with updated improvements

Are you ready to level up?

         I get it. There's free information and groups everywhere. But anyone who has been in this business long enough will tell you that free information isn't always good information.

In the beginning, I myself struggled so much with HOURS of searching for answers, only to be left with frustrating experiments or confusion. I am dedicated to giving you the BEST information and from different angles, so that you can choose what works best,
for YOU.

Why should you listen to me?

My expertise stems from a formal education in art, fascination with psychology, mentoring investments, extensive research with trial and error, teaching over 200 happy creators, and 20+ years experience in providing the best customer service (hello, happy clients!).

I started my business in 2017 with no social media following or business experience, and in 2020 have exceeded my income from my previous job and grown my social media base to 11,000+ between Instagram & Facebook. Because of this, I realize the important of a support circle AND having access to reliable content all in one place to save time.

I have also empowered bakers such as Cake Ballin' by Gina who now makes thousands of dollars selling what she is best known for---her amazing and innovative recipes.

The Vault has also been an incubator for bakers pursuing teaching endeavors of their own, where they have received clarity on their niches, starred as guest experts, and received trainings to increase their income alongside baking products.

Once you weed through the BS, you find your people and level up with RESULTS. I got you.
I am obsessed with seeing my people succeed.

Mind Cake Vault™ is not just about the cake.
With our community and support, your passion can lead you to greatness, in whatever that may be.

Think about it... Why should your clients trust you, rely on you,
 or spend their money with you if you put minimal value on what you do?

Would you rather pour freebies into your business, or build confidence, pride, and merit through learning the process?


No-Brainer, work-at-your-own-pace, affordable resources.

What's in it for you? THE BAKER'S JACKPOT.

* INSTANT ACCESS to Mind Cake's Instagram Bosscamp Kit & Creatiff's Cake Pop 101
* Monthly tutorials and classes (1-2 released)
* Personalized voice message support
* Behind The Scenes Access 
* Curated Guest Expert appearances
* 1 Monthly LIVE Q&A Team Accountability Call Party
* Exclusive Community & Fun loving culture
*  20% OFF of any future bundle courses & Formfairy™ services
* Opportunities to win branded goodies & more
* Bonus Trainings & Resources
* Group Challenges, Contests, Raffles, & Events
* Design, Tech, & Business Tutorials for bakers & treat makers
* Exclusive Recipes & Member Shop
* Access to audio, downloadable files, & templates
* Exclusive access to the MCV Facebook Community (NEW!*)
* In-house promotions & benefits for members and bakers pursuing online teaching (BETA Teaching Success Kit to select participants)

* NO COMMITMENT! Cancel anytime!
(But, every month is a new surprise.)

OVER $1,500 in training VALUE, for less than $1 a day.

* The first 200 (or Founding) members get:
- Access to Mind Cake Vault™ at the founding members rate of $15.99/mo (it's going away!)
- Access to Mind Cake Vault beta tutorials hosted LIVE

[Enrollment increases to $28.99/mo. after August 12th, 2021]

The proof is in the pudding... TESTIMONIALS, Hunny!

RAVING STUDENT REVIEWS from successful Creatiff Classes:

This is the lovely Janet Chavez of Berry Unique Treats.  In February of 2019, she took a leap past her fears of the unknown, hopped onto a mentoring call with me and learned how to tap into her inner-amazing! At the time, she was at a job she truly loved with her local school, but was called for something more. She came to me with a passion to learn, ambition, no sense of direction with her aspiring business, and with only 297 followers on Instagram. Shortly after our pow-wow, Janet left her comfortable full time job and gained her footing. A little over a year later, Janet grew her following to over 5k, has taught classes, made thousands of treats, and has partnered with at least 7 coffee shops in her locality as a pretty-much-celeb treat Queen!  Now, her following exceeds 11k!

Our dedicated member Monet (marvelousmunchiesbym on IG) says: 

" First, I would like to say I'm very satisfied with my subscription. 
 I have learned so much since I joined. 
Examples are:
 From your Cake Pop 101.... Your failproof cake pop recipe.

 I never knew you could [TRADE SECRET] to maximize a recipe.

IG engagement: you assisted with making my profile better, educated on covers, hashtags and who knew you could [EXCLUSIVE MEMBER CONTENT]?

I'm not tech savvy, but after watching your tutorial multiple times, I was so happy to whip out that link for that form with my recent order.

Support: Confidence is an ongoing struggle for me in several areas of my life. You have consistently answered our questions and provided feedback to motivate us to improve ourselves how we want to see our business. Personally you have engaged with me 1:1 multiple times. I appreciate your honest, constructive feedback and that you do so in a tone that is not demeaning. I have seen some IG reels where a person is providing helpful information, but it's so demeaning one would be terrified to ask a question.

I feel that you deliver everything you propose.  We have to show up and apply the knowledge consistently.  I learned that lesson for the Christmas holidays.  The contest showed me there is money to be made if you do the work. WE have to do the work!  If it wasn't for that last coaching call, I wouldn't have ever thought there was a possibility to make that much during a holiday with a pandemic. 

Also, I just wanted to let you know that my branding photographer has an additional service for purchase through her booking plan. I purchased it not knowing exactly what it was. Just know a lot of what they told me was information you've shared in MCV. Kudos to you for knowing your stuff AND SHARING."


1. Do I need a Facebook Account to join this community?
No Facebook account is required, but optional for a more engaging community! This platform is a standalone network where you can create a personal account unlike the traditional Facebook Group classes.

After lots of trial and error over a span of a year, members have found that they desire more direct notifications, the ability to have questions answered quicker, and access to bonus live streams. Live streams are not a feature that the mindcakevault.com platform host supports at this time.

For that reason, we now have a Facebook Group to complement  and enhance your experience, so we can have more interactions. You will be directed to join it once you create your member account.

If you don't have a Facebook account, you will still have access to tons of resources within the membership community platform, but may miss some of the occasional BONUS livestreams.

*It is recommended that you also have a personal Instagram account, as there is a private members-only Instagram with additional content and bonus livestreams. Currently we are working on moving the content inside of the membership as well as the new Facebook Group.

2. Are the classes and tutorials streamed LIVE?
Classes and tutorials will vary between freshly pre-recorded content and live interactive content. You will always receive ample notice and an access link to the live classes if you would like to participate. 
If you miss them, there will always be a replay available as long as you are a member, and you can still comment and ask questions.
LIVE monthly Q & A coaching call replays may be limited.

On occasion, BONUS livestreams are hosted on our exclusive member's only Instagram/Facebook communities to answer important questions or present coaching opportunities.

3. Can I join if I am a beginner? Is this a Cake Pop 101?
Mind Cake Vault™ classes focus mainly on business, pricing, time management, marketing, nurturing customers, photography, branding, business growth social media, and helpful apps.

While there are SOME cake pop (101 included), chocolate, edible paint, fondant, and design classes, the content is shifting to focus less on design tutorials for fresh beginners, and more on the core of treat businesses.
Content information will vary in difficulty, and may not be released by linear process (in order), but can always be useful at different chapters in your business journey. 

When you join, we will help you to assess where you are in your journey. You have opportunities to learn with personalized guidance on our Team Accountability Parties. 

It is recommended that you do join with some basic knowledge of treat making, have already made a few sales, OR plan on selling --- but it is not necessary. However, there will be courses available for those who have little to no knowledge about making cake pops.
Please feel free to email [email protected] to chat with me before subscribing if you have any more questions or concerns about whether this group is a right fit. If you are unsure, you are welcome to grow with us anyway and see what surprises are in store!

4. How do I know I will benefit from this?
I truly believe that you can take at least 10% from any new person that you learn from. There is something new to learn every day. 

I am here to challenge you to look inward, hold you accountable, and allow you the space to make choices that feel right to you.

Because I understand that everyone does things differently, I try my best to share various techniques when applicable, although most tips will come from my personal perspective and experience.

 It is up to you to take the advice and try different things to see what works best for you. In this community setting, long-term members will reap the most benefits as I will update information as needed to keep advice fresh. This is not a membership built for just one month of commitment, as it is a continuous and powerful resource. 

For the price of one standard tutorial in the baking community, you are getting access to a whole library of content to choose from without breaking the bank. This way you can still choose to learn from and support others! 

Above all, at the end of the day, it is still up to you to put in the work.
All of the team members who have actually taken the time to watch the classes, take notes, and apply what they've learned have had tremendous results. 

4. Do you offer one-on-one coaching?
At this time, coaching is limited to members only. 
From time to time, special attention is given to members one-on-one when applicable and necessary. 

Opportunities to learn are offered monthly in our group coaching calls where questions are answered in a format that can help multiple people at once.

If you do not show up to these calls, you will most definitely miss out on boosters and the chance to have personal attention where it is most needed in your business.

5. Do you keep the information updated?
Pre-recorded LIVES and tutorials will be re-recorded and freshened up from time to time to ensure relevance, accuracy, and effectiveness to make sure team members are getting the best results in an always changing industry and world of social media.

As long as you are a member, you have all-access to the offered classes so that you can reference what you need, as well as continued attention through coaching calls.

6. What if I want to cancel my membership?
There is absolutely no commitment, and you are welcome to leave whenever! I understand that life happens, and although you have lifetime access to learn at your own pace as a member, you may need to leave for one reason or another. 

Please note that there are absolutely no refunds given. 

More info can be found in the terms and conditions below.
Once the content has been accessed, it is considered to be released, disclosed to, and consumed by members.

In the case that you want to break up with the Mind Cake™ crew, you will lose access to the content at the end of your billing period.

You can always jump back onto the bandwagon again later.
(This may effect your membership cost, though, if you were part of the SlayTeam subscription!) You will not be able to rejoin at the same price in which you were enrolled should the subscription increase.

7. [When enrollment is closed] Is there a waitlist for updates on when I can join?

You can sign up for the waitlist and receive a handful of business tips in the meantime: here.

Want to Join Us? *IMPORTANT:

It is required that you review our member Terms and Privacy Policy  carefully before subscribing to our services. By joining Mind Cake Vault™ you are acknowledging and agreeing to the terms and policies set forth in the agreement.

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